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Ok, I got it
  Welcome to TWRF4
  The Twisted Wheel
    & Real Fab 4
Appreciation Society

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Contact Us
facebook:TWRF4 The Twisted Wheel & Real Fab4 Appreciation Society
web: http://www.agentdoubleosoul.co.uk
e-mail: agentdoubleosoul72@yahoo.co.uk
royal mail: PO Box 451 MANCHESTER M45 ODF
You can NOW donate to the Wheel Project Fund  

(But Please,only give, what you can afford)
Click here, it will take you to our Pay-Pal
page,then just click on the Donate button
top right of the Agent OO Soul page.
Thanks for your support.
The Torch Gone!
The Mecca Gone!
The Casino Gone!
  The Cat Gone!
    Va Va Gone!
  + many more
    “The Wheel”
  Is the only one
  left standing in
  its original state
        - KTF -

The Twisted Wheel Club Manchester - English Heritage Blue Plaque & Street Art Project

Ask yourself this question… Do you love This Club? do you love it enough to help us stop it disappearing forever into history without the recognition it so rightly deserves?   Well...do Ya?   mmmm!   We thought so, so do we :-)  

This project is aiming to gain an award like other historical plaques in the city. To win an award we have to show we are capable of offering the right evidence, following the right criteria ruling, and are capable of funding the cost of the plaque and fitting it. (once the plaque is installed the EHB/NAG/MCC are responsible for its upkeep and maintainance.   However, if we are unsuccessful in our bid, we have a plan B.   And that is to have a piece of street art commissioned to commemorate what this place has helped to achieve, ie: a movement that not only changed musical history but spread all around the world.

It is factually accepted that “The Wheel” is THE birthplace of Northern Soul. and as much as "some" wheelers stay true to their mod/soulboy roots and never entered the strange world of Northern Soul, there is no denying that this is the place where it all started.

Without The Wheel there would have been no Northern Soul scene. If ever there was a worthy cause worth giving to as a soul fan, this is it. We now have that evidence, what we need to do now, is raise the funds to make it happen.

DONATIONS by Pay-Pal & PO Box.
The easiest and safest way to do this, is by clicking on the Pay-Pal Donate button on this site. or you can send a cheque/postal order Made payable to "Wheel Blue Plaque Project" to PO Box 451 MANCHESTER M45 ODF.
(if outside the UK please add, England,UK to the address.)

THIS IS A NON PROFIT PROJECT - and all the money donated will go to the appeal fund.   This is a genuine project and we need YOUR support.

PLEASE spread the word, ask all your soulful brothers & sisters to pledge and donate as well.   HELP us make this happen.   Remember - only donate what you can afford.

You can find out more about costings/the artwork/& events, by clicking on any of the link pages to your left.

UPDATES on f/b
Please ask ALL your friends to join "The Twisted Wheel & Real Fab 4" facebook Group.  

We always need more volunteer Members so STEP UP and contact us.
At time of print, we have over 1,168+ members ...and counting. On two facebook TW Appreciation Groups, so theres no reason why we cant reach our goal, (£2,£3 or £5 each is all it takes...so please give what you can) if the soul community wants to help make this happen...then it will.

Thank you all for your support so far - Agent OO Soul.
Yes...its her,that
Italian chic on a
Scooter Rally :-)
The Twisted Wheel Club
Whitworth St

63-71 ...its heyday
75-86 as Placemate 7
98- present (legends & Wheel)

Capacity = heyday 700
Geoff Mullin,Roger Eagle,Paul Davis,
Phil Sax,Brian Rae,Brian Walker,
Bri 45Phillips,Les Cockell.

Barry Tasker,Pete Roberts,John Green.
Memorable LIVE Acts,Far too many to list (see links)
The Golden Torch Club
Hose St, Tunstall

65-73...its heyday

Capacity = heyday 500
Keith Minshull,Tony Jebb,
Martin Ellis, Dave Evison.
Memorable LIVE Acts,MajorLance & Roy C'
TWRF4 Supports
Blackpool Mecca
Highland Room
Central Drive

Main BallRoom 65-76.its heyday,closed 1981
smaller Highland Room 71-79..its heyday

Original capacity 3,500 Highland Room cap'300
Tony Jebb,Les Cockell,Rod Aillsworth,Ian Lavine,
Colin Curtis.
Memorable LIVE Acts The Exciters & Issac Hayes.
October 22 nd 2010 at
midnight make some
noise at your Club &
remember lost friends
The Wigan Casino Club
& Mr M's
Station Rd

73-81 ...its heyday

Capacity = 2,000
Mr M's cap'150
Russ Winstanley,Ian Fishwick,Kev Roberts
Richard Searling,Pat Brady.Steve Whittle.
Memorable LIVE Acts Betty Wright & Tommy Hunt.
Please NOTE: this was a ticket for a private group
party at "The Wheel" and not an official function.
f/b Group HAMBURG
a £17,000 grant for school
kids play...er wanna make
a donation Headmaster?
...Well done by looking
at the pictures I'm sure
the pupils loved it. KTF :-)
National Motorcycle & Scooter
Show, on 3rd & 4th April